Mountain Mafia Entertainment LLC is a company deeply rooted in outdoor adrenaline sports. Mountain Mafia is a brand that is for everyone that gets after it outside. It is for the people and crew that get together with like-minded passion for the outdoors and pursue those deeply rooted passions throughout the changing seasons. That is Mountain Mafia culture. Welcome to the family!  Ben, Grey and Mac own Mountain Mafia Entertainment and operate the Purcell Trench Ranch. Mountain Mafia Entertainment is a year round business that put on motorsport and other adrenaline sporting events. Currently, off road motorsport and snow sports are our focus and always looking to expand into different industries. The Purcell Trench Ranch is Mountain Mafia’s private paradise. We host multiple family friendly off road motorsport sport events annually. Typical events allow open wheeling and National Mud Racing. The venue is built to accommodate lots of people, weekend camping and is focused around the spectator. No one leaves the ranch without seeing some amazing trucks and entertainment. Mountain Havoc is our North American professional truck competition. This event happens once a year and is great entertainment for all ages.


Mountain Mafia works closely with the Veteran community and family. A few times a year, we open the ranch to the Veterans in our community through the Vet Center in Spokane, WA. These brave men and women camp for a few nights, shoot trap, do a Native American sweat and enjoy the natural surroundings. We create a safe outdoor environment that helps our Veterans decompress and get back to basics with nature. Thank you to all the Veterans and Mountain Mafia is extremely proud to support our local Veteran community.


Ben, Grey and Mac thank you for everyone continuing support in creating an outdoor brand that is for everyone passionate about being outside. The Purcell Trench Ranch could not have happened with our friends, families and crews! The city of Bonners Ferry, ID, Boundary County and our neighbors have been extremely respectful and great to work with and get to know. This upcoming season is going to be a great one! Welcome to the Family!



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